LNC Services


LNC develops market- and user-based solutions for customers in the industrial, trade, service and public sectors, with an experienced hand in every stage of a project – from conception to implementation and ongoing support.


Our Expertise:


  • Establishing site development, marketing and networking concepts for logistic hubs including all modes of transport at all location levels.
  • Developing new logistics and mobility concepts to implement industrial, transportation and technological innovations.
  • Generating technology- and industry-oriented networks to facilitate site- and company-related projects in the areas of innovation, skills development and marketing.
  • Conception and implementation of marketing and sales activities such as trade shows, conventions, road shows and conferences, as well as print and online media such as newsletters, brochures and websites.
  • Conception, cooperation, coordination, communication and customized services are the main focus of LNC’s work, taking advantage of an experienced, interdisciplinary team and a well-established global network.