The World of Logistics


“Logistic is not everything, but everything would be nothing without logistics!”

York Köhn †, Managing Director of EDC GmbH


The world is changing rapidly. The division of labor across national, European and increasingly global scales requires efficient and effective transport chains and logistics systems.


Numerous factors come into play to influence commercial transportation and logistics: the quality of logistics expertise, the efficiency of transportation networks that are largely public – road, rail, water and air – and the accessibility of raw materials, suppliers and markets.


By optimizing processes, an efficient logistics sector contributes significantly to the international competitiveness of an industrial location. Excellent logistics ensures mobility and availability of goods, generates jobs, and contributes to the strength of a location, improving the quality of life for residents.


Smooth, efficient, and exemplary logistics benefit every stakeholder. Optimal efficiency is achieved when economic, political and social interests are balanced to achieve consensus. When the needs of the logistics sector are made a priority, transportation networks also stand to benefit greatly.