Presentation about cargo bike distribution at Danish Road Directorate

On May 9, 2022 our colleague Christian Kaden presented about "KoMoDo - Micro Hub and Distribution by Cargo Bike in Berlin" at the "Seminar om brug af cyklertil varedistribution" in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Logistics is key to the supply and disposal of our cities. However, cities around the world are facing environmental and social issues in urban freight. Cargo bikes have become an important part of a more sustainable distribution of goods in city centres worldwide. A complementary module are micro consolidation hubs which enable the shift of goods from high polluting trucks to cargo bikes and replace conventional vehicles in last-mile delivery.

The topics of the presentation were the status for distribution by bicycle in Germany; the context of the KoMoDo trial; performance for distribution by bicycle in the trial; issues related to the operation of bike-distribution and transshipment points; neighborhood, environment and traffic issues; and outlined the main issues to be considered to release the potential for cargo/parcel distribution by bike.

The seminar focused on the status of cargo bike distribution in Denmark. The analysis of potentials and barriers to bicycle distribution is part of the government's growth plan for Trade and Logistics in Denmark.

LNC has been working on different approaches to the last mile logistics for more than a decade. Together with different stakeholders from the public and private sector, projects are conceptualised, transferred into practice and evaluated. Only through the interaction of the stakeholders, measures can be successfully implemented aiming at the developing of future-oriented solutions for urban logistics.

Sharing this knowledge is an important departure point. We are looking forward to a valuable exchange with other cities and to share the "lessons learnt" of KoMoDo.

Picture Credits: © Vejdirektoratet